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Our membership is growing every year, to keep offering our members a variety of good quality courses we need tutors, class facilitators, class leaders etc.

If you can help by offering your expertise and running a class on a subject of your choice, we will assist in setting it up.

The subject can be a hobby, general interest, academic etc. (no politics, religion or any  subject that may be  controversial).  The class should run for approximately 2 hours on a weekly basis.

For more information please email our office: or ring our curriculum convenor on 4736 5541.

Contact Class Leaders
Adolfo GonzalezMediterranean Cooking
Spanish for Beginners
Intermediate Spanish
4730 4660
Aida PereiraAdvanced French9634 5363
Alain Plaine-LepineIntermediate French4739 1599Alain Plaine-Lepine
Alan LeesTable Tennis
4736 5541Alan Lees

Anastasia FlanaganArt at Lawson0409 717 787
4759 3328
Anastasia Flanagan
Anthony BayesHistory of the British Isles4739 2661
Barbara OrthEmbroidery, Patchwork & Quilting4733 3422Harry May
Barry WallLaw for Seniors4767 0010
Beryl CatenKnitting &
Mah Jong (Penrith)
4721 2987Beryl Caten
Bob PerrieAdvanced Mathematics4758 9414Bob Perrie
Bobbie TavolaPainting at Penrith4721 1078
Brenda EmersonCanasta 5 (Friday)4721 1735Brenda Emerson
Brenda MaccioniCreating & Learning About Art9670 5044
0417 800 665
Brenda Maccioni
Bruce LawrenceLawn Bowls
0419 485 567Bruce Lawrence
Bryan FordPhotography8602 0891Bryan Ford
Carmel OxleyMassage Course (Ladies)
Meditation & Mantra
4736 8026Carmel Oxley
Catherine WaplesContinuers French4751 6563Catherine Waples
Chris BoltonSewing4731 1143
0412 428 317
Chris Bolton
Chris HayesCreative Writing (Blaxland)4739 6564Chris Hayes
Chris PriceDarts0408 313 931Chris Price
Christa ClarkeConversational German
Intermediate German
4736 1869Christa Clarke
Claudine GoetzkeIntermediate French (Springwood)4751 9359Claudine Goetzke
Colin BullPractical Psychology
for Relationships.
Relational Phycology
4751 3713Colin Bull
David HobbsBetter Photography4787 8115
0414 392 744
David TerryItalian Conversation4739 3086David Terry
Eileen RossBook Review Club4727 6506Eileen Ross
Elizabeth CulliverIntermediate German
4739 8577Elizabeth Culliver
Elly ByrneComputers: First Contact4757 1200
Fay LoveBeginners Italian
Intermediate Italian
4735 5226Fay Love
Geordie ConynghamTrain Your Brain0421 788 183Geordie Conyngham

Graham EngelOur Staples: Bread & Cheese
Unusual Metals of the
4784 2234Graham Engel

Harry MayMovie Nights
Carpet Bowls
Hekarwe Walking Group
4732 1520Harry May
Heather PyeBeginners & Intermediate French4787 7337Heather Pye

Helen SmithFamily History (Blaxland)4739 3996Helen Smith
Irene KelsoCanasta 5 (Monday)0402 561 232
Janice PoulsonHappiness, Wellbeing
& Resiliance
4751 5115Janice Poulson

Jim CroftAstronomy4757 4394Jim Croft
Jim TiberiComputers0419 493 959Jim Tiberi
Joan MannaScrapbooking4736 6151Joam Manna
John ClarkeGerman for Beginners4736 1869John Clarke
Judith FinneyPlay Reading Shakespeare4787 7877Judith Finney
Judith HillCreative Talk4739 2871
Julie NeumannBird Watching4739 3063Julie Neumann
Keith WebsterMusical Memories
4774 2207Keith Webster
Ken MacGillivrayChess4721 8393Ken MacGillivray
Kim ChamberlainClassic Hatha Yoga
Lee BilliLine Dancing (Wednesdays)9832 3805
Lee DayComputers
Paint Shop Pro
4739 9485
Len SmithRecreational Mathematics4751 8950Len Smith
Lennette RuttleTai Chi 4735 1542Lennette Ruttle
Liz De KosterPlay-reading
0477827 752
Lorraine BrownYoga exercises4736 5541Lorraine Brown
Luciano VranichIntroductory Photography4731 5898Luciano Vranich
Lucy BantermalisAncient History Lectures4782 2210Lucy Bantermalis
Margaret McQuillanScrabble (Penrith)4729 2370
0414 316 834
Marie StandenEnglish Literature4751 2120Marie Standen
Marie StewartMeditation
Tai Chi
Singing for Fun
9832 7190Marie Stewart
Marilyn BullPlay-reading
4787 5073Marilyn Bull
Mirta BermudezSpanish Conversation4730 2667Mirta Bermudez
Nance LeMerleDrawing & Painting4739 9130
Nerida O'BrienMah Jong (Springwood)4751 2478
Nola MayEmbroidery, Patchwork, Quilting for beginners4732 1520Nola May
Patricia McKeonComputers4736 1849
Patricia WhiteheadPoetry Reading4787 5230
Patsy BillingMusical Memories
4754 1057Patsy Billing
Paul KingClassical Music
20th Century
4754 1491Paul King
Pauline WardleworthLatin4704 8320Pauline Wardleworth
Peter EerdmansPhilosophy: The Love
& Pursuit of Wsidom
4751 7399
Peter HenleyTai Chi 0408 482 426Peter Henley
Richard AbbottComputers9623 5540
Rob ByrneComputer Mechanics4739 8436Rob Byrne
Sari Erasmus-HickeyTheatre Workshop4736 3738Sari Eramus-Hickey
Silvia GeeSpanish Conversation
0425 219 426Silvia Gee
Sophia VlodarczykCake Decorating4751 7261
Therese WalzBallroom Dancing4729 4499Therese Walz
Tony O'TooleDrawing4774 1881Tony O'Toole
Yoko MulliganWash-E Art4784 2302Yoko Mulligan