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Hello to all members.

Stewart and I have taken over editing the U3A Newsletter and will look to maintain the excellent quality and content it has shown over previous issues. If you have any items you would like included please email them to U3A@U3Apenrith.org.au marked for The Editor and we will endeavour to include them in the Newsletter.

Please submit these before 22nd of the preceding month for publication. This will be the deadline for the next newsletter as we have to assemble and proof-read it in order to deliver to the President by 29th of each month for publishing for the first of the following month. Anything received after 22nd of the month will be held for publication in a later Newsletter.
We hope to have a lot of input from you in order to make this Newsletter useful, entertaining and relevant to all U3A members.

Rosemary and Stewart MacPherson


I am happy to report a successful Annual General Meeting last Thursday. Reports from the meeting are available here. Also, the new Constitution was adopted with 65 people voting for, 1 against and 1 abstaining.

The Reports from the AGM can be found on our documents page.

Cheers Denise.