Introduction to Understanding Art (Paintings)

An Easy Guide To Understanding Art

Geordie Conyngham – Tel: 0421 788 183


Blaxland Neighbourhood Centre – Room A

Thursdays 10:00 am – 12:00 noon

Five weeks from 25th May to 22nd June inc. (Will repeat if there is demand)

Ever wandered around an art gallery wondering how the artist got their work up on the wall? Or what the artwork was all about? Or ever thought, how you could gain a better understand and appreciation of  Art (paintings)?  This course aims to provide you with that opportunity and be with like-minded people. Together we will view masterpieces and other paintings from different periods and discuss and develop an understanding of how to look at and appreciate Art of any kind. My interest in Art appreciation and my background in architecture and aesthetics along with my long experience in conducting courses for U3A can help you enjoy art. This course is not about learning  to paint, it’s provide an easy way to understand Artworks.

The outline of the course is:

  • What is art  (discussion a key part of the course)
  • Overview of ART
  • Art development – Techniques and media
  • Art from ancient to contemporary period (including Abstract)
  • Non-western traditions
  • Art in Society
  • Assessing and understand ART (different videos/images covering aspects each week)