Birds: From dinosaur to high complexity

Ken Chan – Tel: 0405 558 919


Penrith School of Arts – Room 1

Mondays 1:15 am – 3:15 am TERM 1 ONLY

From their humble primitive reptilian background, birds have become some of the most complex and sophisticated animals on the planet. But only until recently were scientists able to resolve a number of physiological mysteries and behavioural complexities that define modern birds. This course explores, and explains clearly, some of such ground-breaking scientific findings that are guaranteed to boggle the mind. Ancestral dinosaurian traits, egg mimicry, cryptic cheating on partners, sperm competition, and shutting down of brain hemispheres during migratory flight are just a few examples.

This is a one-off, information-filled course aimed to stimulate the mind of those interested in ornithology. People wishing to attend this course must be willing to learn about science. Commitment to weekly attendance is important because lectures are built on information provided in preceding lectures