Use It. Don’t Lose It – CANCELLED for TERM 4

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???????????????????????????????Geordie Conyngham: 0421 788 183
Blaxland Community Centre – Thursday: 10:00am – 12:00 noon

Weekly: Term 1 – Commencing 2 March – 6 weeks only

Weekly: Term 2 – Commencing 27 April – 6 weeks only


If you like to participate, if you like to be challenged, if you like to be mentally stimulated, this is the course for you. Get your mind working and your brain exercised. This course is a gymnasium for the mind and social activities. Each week there are different activities, exercises and puzzles that are challenging and stimulating for everyone to enjoy. Additionally, different topics are introduced weekly to engage and encourage your curiosity and creativity. All you need is a willingness to think, participate and enjoy yourself. No prior knowledge is needed nor books. Please bring a pen and paper.